Industry Insights

Transitioning to Green Energy – How Utilities Can Leverage Thermal and Visual Monitoring

January 23, 2023
Around the world, both governments and utilities are striving to reduce the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of the electricity sector through renewable and sustainable generation technologies. While these efforts have resulted in significant progress, there is still a substantial amount of work left to be done to fully decarbonize the grid while delivering affordable and reliable power to customers.

Transforming an Aging Grid – Where Should Utilities Focus Investments?

January 13, 2023
The North American electric grid is a remarkable achievement. Spreading across the entire continent, the complex mix of generation, transmission, and distribution infrastructure continues to deliver reliable power to customers in even the most remote locations.

Safety First – How Industrial Visual and Thermal Sensors Create a Safer Environment

December 12, 2022
Despite significant investments in safety, utility substations remain a hazardous environment. With high voltages and the potential for catastrophic failure, utilities must mitigate the risk of injury or death when operating in or around a substation.

Improving Operations and Reducing Costs – How Utilities Benefit from Automated Thermal Imaging

November 18, 2022
Electrical utilities across North America are making significant investments in transmission and distribution (T&D) infrastructure. Growing demand for electrical power, stronger regulation, and the proliferation of renewable energy sources are placing added strain on aging infrastructure. In response, the industry is moving to enhance reliability, increase capacity, and reduce the cost of maintenance and repairs.

Demonstrating Condition-Based Maintenance at the Southern Company Technical Conference Trade Show

October 4, 2022
Systems With Intelligence demonstrated how power utilities can transition to a Condition-Based Maintenance program at the 2022 Southern Company Technical Conference Trade Show last month.

Systems With Intelligence Joins Power Industry Leaders at Duke Energy TechX Conference

September 14, 2022
Systems With Intelligence showcased its line of advanced thermal and visual monitoring solutions at the 2022 Duke Energy Regulated and Renewable Energy TechX Conference last month.

Fears of the Cloud Have Been Greatly Exaggerated – The Advantages of Cloud Computing for Remote Substation Monitoring

September 2, 2022
Advanced thermal and visual sensors allow utilities to monitor the condition of remote substations from a centralized location. With continuous, real-time thermal and visual data, operations and maintenance teams can allocate resources more effectively, reduce the cost of maintenance and repairs, and improve reliability through condition-based maintenance programs.

Achieving a Positive ROI With Touchless™ Monitoring for Remote Substations

August 24, 2022
In most electrical utilities, a significant share of the overall operations and maintenance (O&M) budget is allocated to conducting inspections, maintenance, and repairs at substations. Keeping this critical infrastructure up and running is vital but challenging work, as utilities must ensure that high-value assets are operating correctly in remote locations that are difficult to access.

Reducing Operations and Maintenance Costs While Enhancing Substation Security

July 22, 2022
Utility substations play a vital role in transmitting and distributing power to thousands of customers across wide geographic regions. High-value assets, such as transformers, capacitor banks, bushings, CVT and load tap changers, to name only a few, must be regularly inspected, maintained, and repaired to mitigate the risk of severe failures and outages.

Mitigating the Risk of Substation Security with Touchless Monitoring Solutions

July 15, 2022
Critical infrastructure, such as power generating facilities, high voltage transmission lines, and utility substations present attractive targets for vandals and other malicious actors. Damage or disruption to these facilities can have wide-ranging consequences to customers, businesses, and society and cost utilities in repairs, fines, and other expenses.

Stress on the Power Grid – The Need for Reliability Through Power Line and Substation Monitoring

June 15, 2022
The North American power grid is under increasing stress. Aging infrastructure is being asked to do more with less as demand for power grows and reliable access to electricity impacts nearly all aspects of our daily lives.

Comparing Approaches to Remote Substation Monitoring – Why a Touchless™ Approach Is Better

May 6, 2022
In the US alone, more than 55,000 substations and 7 million miles of high voltage transmission and distribution lines transmit more than $400 billion of electricity each year.