Today’s utilities need a monitoring system that goes beyond collecting remote asset data. The system must have the highest reliability and the intelligence to analyze data and find operational anomalies before failures and outages happen. The system must be able to connect and aggregate data from other systems and present users with the actionable insights, allowing them to make informed maintenance decisions that will save time and cost. The utility monitoring system of today must be Touchless™.

Products & Services

Systems With Intelligence™ is a global leader in providing next generation utility grade, Touchless™ monitoring solutions for critical assets increasing reliability, safety and reducing O&M costs.

Intelligent Sensors

Continuous Thermal Monitoring
Systems With Intelligence provides Intelligent Sensors that enable advanced visual & thermal monitoring of remote sites and assets. These advanced sensors aid in scheduling condition based maintenance and finding faults before they occur resulting in reduced unplanned outages and extending the life of critical equipment.
Thermal Plus Visual Monitoring Systems
TCAM 2500
PT/Fixed Thermal Cameras
Utility Grade Specifications
Multiple Monitoring Zones
Alarm on Thermal Events
IP66 Rated for Outdoors
Fiber for EMI Immunity
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Visual Monitoring

Remotely Confirm Conditions 24/7
Systems With Intelligence provides visual monitoring solutions that enable a real-time view of substations ensuring safety and security of personnel and site. With these advanced solutions instantly confirm substation conditions remotely and inspect live equipment before and after deploying personnel to site.
Substation IP Cameras
Day/Night IP PTZ Cameras
Utility Grade: IEC 61850-3, IP66, IEEE 1613
Fiber option for EMI Immunity
Industrial Rated Power Supply
Pan/Tilt/Zoom Cameras
Supports IP Video
Day/Night Operation
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Processing & Gateways

Secure & Flexible Communications
Systems With Intelligence provides utility grade processing & gateway solutions enabling secure and flexible communications from sensors to visualization software. These advanced solutions collect data from multiple sensors, enable recordings from multiple cameras, local video archiving, and easily integrate to SCADA, GIS & Asset Management Systems.
Intelligent Sensor Gateway
Digital Video Servers
Supports up to 16 Cameras
Digital Inputs & Outputs
IEC 61850-3, IEEE 1613
Dual Power Supply Option
Utility Protocols – DNP, Modbus
No Fans, Wide Operating Temp.
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Visualization Software

Single Pane of Glass view of Critical Assets
Systems With Intelligence provides advanced Touchless™ monitoring visualization solutions including automation dashboards. These solutions enable video recording, live viewing and remote sensor control.  The visualization software also provides secure situational awareness of remote locations with embedded analytics that detect anomalies & issue automated alarms.
Video Management & Analytics Software
View live & recorded video
Remote PTZ camera controls
Real time alarm mgmt.
Visual Analytics – motion, boundary
Thermal Analytics – temp comp
Automation Dashboards
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Services & Solutions

Secure Assist 24/7 Monitoring Service
Systems With Intelligence provides a 24/7 site monitoring service. Powered by Secure Assist, a utility focused service that sets itself apart from regular video monitoring services as its only customers are in the utility and critical infrastructure space. It is staffed with specially trained and skilled agents who understand utility systems, processes, and equipment, and can effectively triage and respond to site-initiated intrusion alarms.
Mobile Thermal Monitoring
System Integration
Mobile Integrated Monitoring
Energy Harvesting Options
24/7 Monitoring Service
Engineering & Design
System Integration & Setup
Maintenance & Commissioning
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