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Systems With Intelligence™ has provided Touchless™ monitoring solutions with seamless integrations, flexible & secure communications & automated visualization for thousands of critical assets at hundreds of sites.

across the power grid

Remote Inspection of Critical Assets

Systems With Intelligence™ enables remote inspection of critical assets across the power grid
Power Transformers
Circuit Breakers
Voltage Transformers
Arrestors & Disconnectors
Busbars & Bushings
Current Transformers
Renewable Assets
Underground Vaults

Utility Substation Applications

Monitoring with thermal sensors is used to find anomalies and trend asset health as part of condition-based maintenance and asset performance management programs. Built-in analytics provide advance warning and alert operators of impending faults. The asset health data and visual information can be directly integrated with SCADA, PI and asset management applications to simplify the accessibility to remote locations.

Underground Monitoring Applications

Ensuring reliable operation is critical for underground distribution systems that provide service to heavily populated urban areas. IoT based thermal imaging sensors are low-cost and easy to install with built-in communications. Infrared technology is ideal to detect failing components such as cable insulation, joints and splices that will eventually lead to arcing, unplanned outages and costly repairs.

Wind Energy Applications

On site inspections of wind turbines in remote locations costs time, travel and is physically demanding and dangerous, requiring highly trained and skilled personnel. With IoT technology, inspections can be automated and remote with visual and thermal sensors that detect and provide advanced warning of problems in electrical and mechanical components of the turbine.

Oil & Gas Applications

The mis-operation of equipment at oil and gas facilities can have long lasting environmental and economic effects. Whether monitoring refineries, pipelines or platforms, real-time visualization and automated monitoring provides operators with critical information to make decisions and take actions to ensure the facility remains safe and operational at peak efficiency.

Mobile Monitoring

Monitoring a site on a temporary basis is often required for troubleshooting a problem site or during construction or renovation. Mobile monitoring can be brought in to detect trouble spots that are difficult to find as system load and weather changes over the course of a day or week. Continuous thermal monitoring can detect transient problems that thermal spot checking may miss. 
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