Single Pane of Glass view for Critical Assets

Systems With Intelligence Visualization Software

Systems With Intelligence is a leading provider of Touchless™ Monitoring solutions, designed for automated monitoring of critical sites and assets. These solutions offer a wide range of features and tools, including live viewing, video recording, remote sensor control and automation dashboards.

Single Pane of Glass View for Critical Assets

Systems With Intelligence offers powerful software solutions to visualize and analyze data in a more intuitive and interactive way. Our software is easy to use and can be customized to meet the specific needs of each user.  With a wide range of features and tools, users can create dynamic, graphical representations of data to identify trends, patterns, and outliers in real-time. Our visualization software will streamline data analysis and improve communication across your utility, helping to increase reliability and safety, while reducing operating and maintenance(O&M) costs.

Remote Access & Monitoring

view live & recorded video with remote sensor controls
Remote access and monitoring is becoming increasingly important in today's digital landscape, as utilities seek ways to monitor and manage their assets from a distance. The VMS2000 from Systems With Intelligence is a powerful solution that provides secure communication to sensors, enabling stakeholders to view live and recorded video with remote sensor controls. This feature allows organizations to remotely confirm substation conditions 24/7 and inspect live equipment, which is particularly useful for industries such as manufacturing and energy, where unplanned downtime can have a significant impact on productivity and profitability.

The VMS2000 also features site alarms and thermal/video snapshots, as well as temperature data and analytics to detect hotspots. Together, these features provide a comprehensive view of asset performance and enable stakeholders to respond quickly to unexpected events. With VMS2000, organizations can enjoy enhanced operational efficiency, reduced downtime, and improved security posture, all from a single, user-friendly platform.


Remote site and sensor status


Visual & Thermal analytics with live and recorded video


Remote Configuration & Controls


Real-time alarms


Connection to SCADA & APM with
DNP, ModBus & IEC 61850

Anatomy of the VMS2000
Anatomy of the VMS2000
"single pane of glass" view of multiple sites & critical assets

Utility IntellectTM

Utility Intellect™ is a powerful solution that provides a "single pane of glass" view of multiple sites and critical assets, enabling organizations to monitor and manage their assets in a more streamlined and efficient manner. This solution provides secure communication to sensors, with alarms and thermal/video snapshots that allow stakeholders to detect issues in real-time.

Temperature trending and analytics are also provided to detect hotspots, which can help organizations identify potential issues before they become major problems. Additionally, the Asset Heat Map feature provides a view of where to focus maintenance resources, which can help organizations optimize their maintenance schedules and manage assets.
Anatomy of Utility Intellect™


Substation & asset view with real time alarm management


Name Plate Data


Asset Performance


Visual analytics with live/recorded video


Thermal analytics with live/recorded video

Anatomy of Utility Intellect
Reduce application proliferation and the data maintenance effort. Utility Intellect™ provides a single pane of glass for all utility data and allows customers to get the most out of their PI System.
Utility Intellect Promo Video

Online Dashboard

"IoT enabled" remote monitoring & analytics
The Online Dashboard is an advanced solution that offers "IoT enabled" remote monitoring and analytics, providing organizations with secure situational awareness of remote locations. This solution utilizes embedded analytics that detect anomalies and provide automated alarms, alerting stakeholders to potential issues before they become major problems.  

The Online Dashboard also offers a comprehensive visualization of multiple sites with thermal and visual snapshots, temperature trending, thermal analytics, and SCADA/GIS integration, providing a clear and intuitive view of asset performance. This enables stakeholders to make informed decisions and take proactive measures to ensure asset integrity and minimize downtime.
Anatomy of the Online Dashboard


Mobile Dashboard


Temperature Trending


Real Time Temp. Data


Digital I/O Status


Thermal Snapshot


Visual Snapshot

Anatomy of Online Dashboard


“Secure cloud-based visualization monitoring software”
Cloud VMS is an advanced video surveillance and analytics platform that operates entirely in the cloud. This solution provides organizations with a secure, cloud-based visualization monitoring software that can be accessed via an HTML5 web interface and comprehensive mobile applications. Cloud VMS is hosted on the Systems With Intelligence Cloud for redundancy and data security, but it can also be deployed on a private cloud if needed.  

One of the key benefits of Cloud VMS is its affordability, as itis scalable and flexible, enabling existing cameras to be added without the need for additional hardware or software investments. This makes it an ideal solution for organizations that need to monitor many assets across multiple locations. With its advanced features and ease of use, Cloud VMS provides organizations with a powerful tool for improving their security posture and enhancing their operational efficiency.
Anatomy of Cloud VMS


Cloud-based Architecture


Compatible with any camera


Native mobile iOS & Android


Push Technology


AI Cloud Analytics

Anatomy of Cloud VMS
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