Reducing Substation Maintenance Costs With Utility-Grade Thermal and Visual Sensors

December 19, 2022
A midsized utility operates numerous remote electrical substations distributed across a wide geographic region. Physical inspections are conducted on a periodic, scheduled basis using handheld thermal scanners and other equipment to determine the health of substation assets, diagnose issues, and prioritize repairs.

3 Reasons Utilities Should Embrace Automated Thermal Imaging for Remote Substation Monitoring

December 12, 2022
Electrical utilities play a vital role in delivering safe and reliable power to consumers, businesses, and governments. In the U.S. alone, more than $400 billion of electricity flows through more than 7 million miles of high voltage transmission and distribution lines that criss-cross the country. More than 55,000 substations convert that voltage to distribution levels so that it can be safely used.

The Calm After the Storm – How Utilities Can Inspect Assets With the TCAM2500 Sensor

October 14, 2022
After a major storm, electrical utilities must rapidly diagnose and repair damage to critical infrastructure to restore power and mitigate the effects of large-scale outages. With trees down, roads flooded, and traffic at a standstill, it is often difficult for maintenance and repair crews to travel to remote substations to conduct physical inspections. Because they lack visibility ahead of time, , they may drive to the remote site and discover little or no damage, that they lack a part required to conduct a repair, or that they cannot access it due to safety concerns.

Maintaining Remote Substations – Four Challenges Utilities Can Overcome With Touchless™ Monitoring

August 5, 2022
Utility substations play a vital role in the transmission and distribution of electricity to customers, businesses, and communities. However, keeping these substations up and running can be challenging, especially when they are in remote locations far from other infrastructure.

Data, Not Truck Rolls – Using the IM500 Thermal & Visual Sensor for Substation Monitoring

June 28, 2022
The Operations group at a midsized electrical utility is responsible for monitoring and maintaining numerous remote substations across a wide geographic region. As the substation infrastructure ages and demand for reliable power generation grows, maintenance and repair crews are under increasing pressure to avoid outages and ensure the system is fully functional.

Shifting to Condition Based Maintenance With the TCAM2500 Thermal & Visual Monitoring System

June 23, 2022
The Operations group at an electric power utility is struggling to manage and maintain equipment at large remote substations. Aging infrastructure, a lack of automation systems, and a shortage of qualified staff have increased the frequency and severity of unplanned outages resulting in fines and higher maintenance costs. As issues occur, crews are dispatched reactively to physically inspect the site, identify the cause, and conduct repairs.