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Canadian-led Systems With Intelligence Joins US-based NRECA

JUNE 2023 | for immediate release
Mississauga, ON – Systems With Intelligence (SWI) is pleased to announce they have joined the USA-based National Rural Electric Coop Association (NRECA).
June 29, 2023
September 2023 | for immediate release

Systems With Intelligence Acquires Viper Imaging Inc.

September 6, 2023
Mississauga, ON – Systems With Intelligence, (SWI), a global provider of Touchless™ Monitoring Solutions for industrial applications, has announced the acquisition of Viper Imaging Inc.
February 2023 | for immediate release

Systems With Intelligence Launches TS3700 Thermal Imaging Sensor

February 8, 2023
The latest utility-grade thermal imaging sensor in the company’s line up sets itself apart with its unique ability to withstand the harsh environments in electric power applications.
JuLY 2022 | for immediate release

Systems With Intelligence Expands Executive Sales Team

July 25, 2022
Mississauga, ON – Systems With Intelligence is thrilled to announce that David Campbell has joined the company as Regional Sales Manager. He brings 25+ years’ experience in the electrical, water, natural gas and communications industries leading OEM partnerships and opening distribution channels throughout North America.
JuLY 2022 | for immediate release

North American Clean Energy Features Systems With Intelligence Thermal Imaging

July 18, 2022
Mississauga, ON – Systems With Intelligence takes their thermal imaging expertise to new heights. With the increase in wind power generation, so follows the requirement to maintain the systems, which is challenging enough, only now the equipment is 100m in the air and consistently moving.
June 2022 | for immediate release

Systems With Intelligence Wins 2022 Top Utilities Asset Management Solutions Provider Award from Utilities Tech Outlook

June 2, 2022
Mississauga, ON – For the first time, Systems With Intelligence has been honored with the 2022 award as the Top Asset Management Solutions Provider.
May 2022 | for immediate release

IM600: TouchlessTM Thermal and Visual IoT Sensor Launches with Wi-Fi Connectivity

May 26, 2022
Mississauga, ON – The IM600 Wi-Fi, a new version of the successful IM500 IoT module launching today from Systems With Intelligence, (SWI), gives users the ability to connect with the SWI Cloud using Wi-Fi instead of a cellular service.
May 2022 | for immediate release

Customer Success:  Atlanta’s Southern Company Reduces On-Site Transformer Inspections with Remote TouchlessTM Thermal and Visual IoT Sensors

May 24, 2022
Mississauga, ON – The IM600 Wi-Fi, a new version of the successful IM500 IoT module launching today from Systems With Intelligence, (SWI), gives users the ability to connect with the SWI Cloud using Wi-Fi instead of a cellular service.
May 2022 | for immediate release

New VMS 61850: TouchlessTM Thermal and Visual Sensors Now Connect to IEC 61850 Substation Automation Systems

May 23, 2022
The VMS 61580, a new Video Management Software connectivity option, and a first for the industry, gives users the ability to connect their monitoring systems to an IEC 61580 architected substation automation system, (SAS).The Systems With Intelligence (SWI) sensor management system already supports connection to Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, (SCADA), and Asset Performance Management, (APM), systems through legacy utility protocols but the IEC 61850 protocol provides an option for the newer industry direction in SAS.
April 2022 | for immediate release

Cloud VMS Provides Visualization of Remote Sites From Any Device

April 26, 2022
Mississauga, ON - Cloud VMS, a new Video Management Software tool announced from Systems With Intelligence, (SWI), allows users to view their remote sites and assets from any location and on any device. Leveraging the power and accessibility of the cloud provides users with secure, 24/7 connection to live video feeds of any of their remote sites. Cloud VMS has built in functionality that analyzes the video in real time to detect unauthorized access to locations and provide instant alerts to the control center and operations team. Machine learning algorithms are constantly processing the data to detect and classify objects so unnecessary alarms can be avoided.
April 2022 | for immediate release

Electrical Utilities: Complete 24/7 Security Monitoring Service Now Available from the Systems With Intelligence and Util-Assist Partnership

April 25, 2022
Mississauga, ON - Systems With Intelligence, (SWI), has announced a partnership with Util-Assist to provide a complete, turn-key, monitoring and security response service for electric power utilities. One of the many challenges utilities have is securing their remote sites and equipment. With their skilled workers already at capacity and consistently shrinking budgets, utilities will often choose to channel their resources to perform more urgent maintenance tasks over monitoring their remote sites and assets. Preventing unauthorized access to these sites increases the safety of workers and the public while decreasing utility costs due to theft, vandalism, and the resulting outages. Depending on location and other unique circumstances, utilities may not have the personnel or skill set to handle unauthorized access incidents which may lead to injuries and damage to the system.
january 2022 | APPLICATION NOTE

TouchlessTM Monitoring for HVDC Converter Halls

January 12, 2022
view application note
Reliability of the assets in the HVDC converter hall is critical as they are the key active components of the system that perform the AC/DC voltage conversion. Due to the hazardous conditions inside the converter hall, manual inspections are not possible while the system is energized. This Application Note on automated HVDC Converter Hall monitoring explains how inspections can be done safely and more often without having to take an outage.
january 2022 | APPLICATION NOTE

Utility IntellectTM-“Single pane of glass” view of multiple sites & critical assets

January 12, 2022
learn more
Reduce application proliferation and the data maintenance effort. Utility IntellectTM provides a single pane of glass for all utility data and allows customers to get the most out of their PI System.
NOVEMBER 2021 | EE Online

TouchlessTM Monitoring for Wind Farms

November 15, 2021
The number of wind farm installations has been growing steadily for the past several years with more and more countries pledging green generation and having goals to reach zero emissions status. Monitoring and maintaining the sites and assets is a growing challenge as the complexity of equipment increases and accessibility to sites becomes more difficult.

Read our article published in Electric Energy Online on how to overcome these challenges using our Touchless™ monitoring systems.
octOber 2021 | NEWS RELEASE

UtilityIntellectTM Allows Utilities
to Visualize All of Their Power System Data Through a Single Pane of Glass

October 4, 2021
News release Details
[Mississauga, ON, October 4, 2021] - Utility IntellectTM , a new and innovative enterprise visualization tool just announced from Systems With Intelligence™, (SWI), allows users to view and analyze data from all their asset data sources with a single interface. Leveraging the power of the OSIsoft PI Asset Framework, Utility IntellectTM provides users with the ability to customize dashboards with their key operational data. With intuitive controls, the application does not require IT support or coding to create custom dashboards that are accessible from anywhere on any device. 

Systems With IntelligenceTannounces Ali Hamze as new
Vice President of Global Sales

September 17, 2021
News release Details
Systems With Intelligence™ has announced the addition of Ali Hamze as a new Vice President of Global Sales. Ali comes to SWI in order to help manage the increasingly expanding needs for automated asset monitoring. As the demand for Touchless™ monitoring solutions grows, Systems With Intelligence™ leads the field, spurring the need for an experienced Vice President of Sales to direct the global sales strategy.

Ali brings 30 years of senior leadership level experience at General Electric to Systems With Intelligence, most recently as Director of Sales for Grid Automation in the Middle East region. Under Ali’s leadership, he grew the GE market share in Grid Automation and was responsible for opening new markets & verticals in North Africa, Turkey and Pakistan.

“I am very pleased to welcome Ali to Systems With Intelligence™,” said Angelo Rizzo, president and CEO. “There is an incredible opportunity for global growth and Ali brings a tremendous amount of industry experience that will allow us to continue our market leadership.”  
MARCH 2021 | Case study

TouchlessTM Monitoring for Wind Turbines

View Case Study
Manual inspection of the electrical and mechanical equipment inside a wind turbine requires highly trained personnel and is time consuming and dangerous. Going TouchlessTM provides continuous, remote monitoring of electrical and mechanical equipment integrated with asset monitoring applications.
February 2021 | Case study

We Energies deploys remote monitoring to keep an eye on transformer bushings

View Case Study
The IM500 installation at We Energies allowed them to keep an eye on a transformer bushing with an oil leak until it could be replaced. The industrial customer could not be shut down so 24/7 monitoring was critical to ensure the bushing did not cause any damage.
DECEMBER 2020 | Case study

TouchlessTM inspections to avoid outages and time on site

View Case Study
Going TouchlessTM for inspections allows utilities to monitor hard to access areas without taking an outage. The IM500 can be installed quickly and provides thermal images and data to monitor the health of critical assets safely and remotely from the control center.
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