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TCAM2500 Thermal & Visual Monitoring System

Introducing the TCAM2500, an advanced thermal and visual substation monitoring system. With its state-of-the-art thermal anomaly detection, the TCAM2500 is the ideal solution for utilities facing ageing infrastructure and alack of automation systems that monitor the condition of critical equipment at substations and along the grid.

Why Choose the TCAM2500?

Many utilities struggle to detect potential failures caused by transformer bushings, cooling system, or load tap changer due to the lack of automated thermal monitoring systems. This is where the TCAM2500 comes in. Its continuous thermal monitoring can detect, and respond rapidly to problems, thereby reducing the chance of failures, outages, and lost productivity. 

The Systems With Intelligence thermal monitoring solution includes a substation-hardened digital video server (DVS) that digitally records video from multiple cameras and incorporates a suite of sophisticated video and thermal analytic algorithms for detection of anomalies. With its software tools for video monitoring and analysis, flexible networking capabilities, and real-time thermal monitoring, the TCAM2500 is the perfect solution for monitoring the health of critical assets. 

The TCAM2500 is also equipped with features that enable you to access real-time views of your substation, enabling you to detect potential issues and take proactive measures to prevent costly downtime. The TCAM2500's ability to detect temperature anomalies in substation equipment with infrared sensors allows condition-based  maintenance operations to take place before an unplanned outage occurs.  

TCAM2500 Features:

TCAM2500 - Visual plus Thermal Monitoring System
Dual Thermal and Visual Camera
Day/night vision with 192 thermal regions of interest

Pan/Tilt Mount
Programmable to perform automated thermal inspections

Thermal Analytics
Automation monitoring & analytics with thermal anomaly detection & trending

Utility Grade Specifications
IP66 rated and immunity to high levels of EMI, voltage surges and interrupts
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The Thermal & Visual Monitoring Ecoystem

TCAM2500 - Thermal & Visual Monitoring Ecosystem
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