Case Study: Learn why Iberdrola Australia Chose Systems With Intelligence Touchless™ Monitoring

Iberdrola Australia is a leading renewable energy provider that generates and contracts electricity from wind turbines, solar photovoltaic, and other low-emission energy sources.

With over 1,100 MW of installed capacity and more than 2,500 MW of planned capacity, the company provides clean and sustainable electricity to individuals, households and businesses throughout Australia.

Previously, Iberdrola Australia conducted physical inspections of wind farms and substations using thermal sensors and other handheld monitoring tools. This process was time consuming and expensive and it increased the risk that an undetected issue could grow into a more severe failure.

To reduce maintenance costs while enhancing reliability and safety, Iberdrola Australia needed 24/7 monitoring and alerting for high-value substation and wind farm assets.

Project Requirements

Iberdrola Australia planned to implement asset monitoring and a condition-based maintenance program using data from thermal & visual sensors. The Project Delivery team identified several requirements:

  • Utility-grade sensors rated for use in high-voltage environments
  • High-quality and rated to withstand harsh outdoor conditions
  • Ability to integrate with existing SCADA and alarming systems
  • Able to meet cybersecurity regulations
  • Experienced team with knowledgeable and responsive support

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