Demonstrating Condition-Based Maintenance at the Southern Company Technical Conference Trade Show

Systems With Intelligence demonstrated how power utilities can transition to a Condition-Based Maintenance program at the 2022 Southern Company Technical Conference Trade Show last month.

Held in Birmingham, Alabama from August 23rd – 24th, the annual event brought together Southern Company staff, suppliers, vendors, technical experts, and invited guests to discuss the ongoing challenges in the power industry.

George Couto, Regional Sales Manager at Systems With Intelligence, presented the benefits of a Condition-Based Maintenance approach enabled by Touchless™ Thermal & Visual Monitoring Systems. Mr. Couto was joined by local sales reps to showcase the solutions to Southern Company team members from departments including the Renewables Group, the Generation Group, and the Underground Group.

Having deployed the IM500 IoT Module, a utility-grade sensor with onboard thermal and visual imagers, to reduce time-consuming and costly inspections of their sites, Southern Company also hosted a presentation sharing their experiences with the product and support provided by the Systems With Intelligence team.

“It was a great opportunity for us to meet new people within Southern Company and discuss some of the ways that Condition-Based Maintenance can reduce maintenance costs, improve performance, and mitigate risk,” said Mr. Couto after the conference. “Remote monitoring allows utilities to manage the health and performance of assets across multiple sites, and we’re excited to share these benefits with those at the show.”

Keynote speakers discussed some of the trends and challenges facing the industry throughout the two-day event. One discussion highlighted how the shift toward electrification and the rise of electric vehicles will place additional strain on the power grid and the existing transmission and distribution infrastructure.

“As the need for reliable electricity only continues to grow, power utilities like Southern Company are looking for new ways to collaborate and develop advanced technologies,” continued Mr. Couto. “We believe there are many opportunities for vendors to work together with customers to improve operations and enhance reliability.”

Attended by nearly 300 vendors, the Southern Company Technical Conference Trade Show provided attendees with a chance to build relationships, reconnect with industry peers, and meet with Buyers and Operations team members from various departments. Southern Company also shared an update on the company, direction, and opportunities.

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